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New Gun Case

I debated about putting this in the General Handgun Forum but it seems like it would also fit here.
Mods, please move if need be.

For years I have been storing my handguns in their cases in that small space in my gun cabinet that is under the space for long guns. I know a lot of people do this as well. I was getting sick and tired of having to kneel down to unlock and retrieve a handgun out of this lower space every time I wanted to go shoot one.

I decided there had to be a better way so I drew up an idea for a free standing "case" with drawers on the top and shelves on the bottom, both protected by locking doors. I e-mailed my drawing off to my recently retired father (who happens to be a genius carpenter/cabinet maker/engineer) and he came up with the design and built it.

What we ended up with is a cabinet (or case) about 4 feet tall with two locking doors on the front.

Opening the bottom door reveals 5 adjustable shelves for handgun cases, holster storage, whatever you need to store. The bottom cabinet locks so that if I ever run out of space above, I can still store and secure handguns in the lower area.

Opening the top door reveals 6 drawers on ball-bearing drawer slides. Each drawer will hold 2 to 3 handguns (depending on size) and their magazines or additional cylinders or sights. We lined the bottom of each drawer with some black, spongy, expanded foam drawer liners.
I think in the future I may switch to white drawer liners in the drawers with black handguns and leave the black drawer liners in the drawers with stainless handguns just so that the handguns will stand out visually when you pull a drawer open.

Anyhow, that is the description, here's the pictures.
Hope you like!

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