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This is my first post, so a big hello to everyone.

Sorry to bring back such an old thread, but doing a Google search, I found this.

I have a Gold Cup that performs very well with the following:

Bullet Type:
230 gr Lead RN

Cartridge Overall Length (COL):

Winchester Small Dia.

Powder Brand:
Winchester 231

Powder Load:
5.3 grains

Approx. 840 fps

The problem is ... This ammo is just a little too stout for my wife to shoot. I am looking for something that will have less recoil for her to shoot.

I stumbled on these Bear Creek RN (Hollow Base) / 200 gr bullets, but I know nothing about them.

The reason I like these 200 gr Hollow Base bullets is that I believe they have the same overall dimensions as a standard 230 gr RN lead bullet, but are lighter in weight because of the hollow base ... This will allow me to use the same 1.25" COL as I use with the 230 gr RN lead bullets, and the lighter weight of the bullet will give the gun less recoil.

My question is ... How much W-231 to load in this bullet to make it "soft" for my wife to shoot?

I am thinking maybe 4.8 grains?

Because the base is hollow, that will make for less case pressure than a standard bullet of the same size ... so that should also decrease the velocity / recoil somewhat.

Anyway ... Any ideas as to how much W-231 I should start with in order to make for a real light load ... but that will not cause problems with the gun cycleing. (I can also change my stock factory 15 Lb spring to maybe a 12 lb spring if that's necessary)

Thank's ..
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