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I tend to agree with federali. Things like training, awareness and preparedness are much more important than "which round is best" (although it is interesting to discuss). For the typical homeowner, any round from .380 to .45 will get the job done, if you do your part. I wouldn't use a magnum round (.44, .41 or .357) indoors due to over penetration issues and the very loud bang those rounds make indoors. You may not be able to hear calls from a loved one after firing a magnum round indoors without ear protection for several minutes to several hours. Invest in a moderately priced motion sensor for your home for early intruder detection. A good dog will do the same thing. The modern hollow point ammo available today is much better than what was available even just 20 years ago. I prefer the Speer Gold Dots and Hornady Critical Defense, but premium self defense offerings from Winchester, Corbon and Federal are also quite good. I own a .45, 9mm, 357 magnum and a 38 special. I enjoy them all and shoot them all. However, I practice the most with the 9mm, because it is the least expensive to shoot.

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