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Hello and welcome to the site, I'm sure that you'll find lots of great help here as there a lot of knowledgable guy who post here. I have'nt loaded any light bullets for my .25-06, as ever since I got it, my grandson has been using it for deer and elk, might get it back soon as he in now wanting to move uo to a .270. My best load so far has been a Rem case, fed primer, Hodgdon H4350 start at 44 grs to max of 47.7 pushing a Hornady 117 BTSP Interlock, my rifle likes 47 grs at about 2900 fps ( just guessing, no chrony ) wll shoot them less than an inch at 100 yds, I'm happy with the load, and the kid is happy with the recoil, and the downrange KE, so we're sticking with this load at least till after this season, made a fine shot at the end of last year, 200+ yds dumped a nice blacktail, dropped him like a rock DRT. Grandson says, 'don't change anything, this load works'.
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