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Originally Posted by MrMitus
So I picked up a bag of 100 .223 brass (Federal) from the reloading shop. This was the only brand they currently had in stock for .223 . I measured one of the unsized cases and found that it is already shorter than 1.750 . I believe they were close to 1.740 . Everything I've read or been told so far prepared me for trimming down to 1.750 and I've even been tossing out the rounds that were smaller than that. Can some one fill me in on the what I'm obviously not informed about...

What is the minimum acceptable overall length of a sized case?
I had the same issue with some Federal Brass I purchased. They varied wildly in case length. I ended up trimming most of them to 1.745 just to have some consistency and fired 'em up with no issues. I quit buying Federal brass, though.

As far as your question, 1.730 - .1760 is SAAMI specs for 2.23, so you're fine if you have cases that short.

SAAMI .223 Specs

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