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I'm just finishing a walk in gun safe, so I have more than I can realistically shoot... however I'm not looking to get rid of any more...

... a couple years ago ( well actually more than that now ) I sold most of my semi auto stuff, & used that money to redirect my collecting... I probably have 3 dozen antique & C&R pocket revolvers, ranging from the cheaply made to some very fine revolvers... anything I collect must be shootable, & I have to have ammo for it... shooting them often is not a priority, as long as I "could" shoot them

for example I have a really nice shape, very old birdshead revolver in 30 rimfire ( which is virtually impossible to find shootable ammo ) so I had some rifled chamber inserts made for 22 lr so I could ( & have ) shot the gun, which I would have sold if I couldn't shoot it

my old bottom break 22 S&W is probably one of the closest to actual safe queens I own... I did shoot some Colibri's through it, but the gun is quite fragile, by design, so I know it functions, & I could shoot it, so I'll keep it, even though I may never shoot it again...

I also regret selling a couple of the guns I've sold... one an unfired Iver Johnson 32 S&W ( sold this before I started collecting the old revolvers ) & a nice Browning High Power... the only semi I sold that I regret
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