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Yeah I tried a POA- POI after doing a 6 o'clock thinking it was like my Walther, which will also shoot low with a 6 'oclock but even the Walther will only be a inch or 2 low with a 6 o'clock as you pointed out. This one seems to have either a front sight that is too high or the rear is too low.

did not use a regular rest Snuffy but I did do 1 magazine sitting at the bench with my forearms and left hand resting on the bench. I had the same result. Also did a magazine trying to keep the front blade about 1/16th of a inch above the rear sight and that brought my shots up but I can't do that consistently and in a stressful situation would not even think about it most likely. I am the first to admit I am not the greatest pistol shooter in the world, like I said in my first post my wife is a natural with a pistol and embarrasses me on a regular basis. If she was shooting low then it is the arrow not the Indian.

Anyway it does not matter really, when I am shooting IDPA or ICORE I tend to point shoot 90% of the time and this gun seems to be a natural for it. Took me about ten rounds to start putting them in 2 or 3 inch groups right where I wanted them to go. Plenty accurate for a defense gun and as good as I can do with the wife's Bodyguard 38 which I think is a good comparison gun.

Just out of curiosity how do you like yours overall? After reading a lot of reviews on light strikes and stovepipes I went up there expecting the worst but the gun performed flawlessly other than the sight issue which for me is not much of a issue
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