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I'm out of the country (sandbox time again), so I first heard about this via email from the wife.

Since I'm out of the country, the first person she called was her dad.

I was very amused to find out that the first two questions he asked her were almost exactly the same two questions I asked her in my reply email:

1) How are YOU and the baby? (The wife is expecting.)

2) Are you going to keep the deer?

Gotta love it.

Anyway, she was in her car, not my truck, so she had nowhere to put the doe. It turns out that, in Missouri, you CAN harvest the deer, but you first have to notify the Department of Conservation, who will send a warden to verify the accident and provide a deer tag.

But this situation didn't lend itself to that.

Think we may get her small car repaired, then trade it on a truck or SUV. Her route to work has had several deer strikes lately, and frankly it was just luck that this doe did not come through the windshield.
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