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remember teasle in first blood? he was waiting for rambo on the stairwell...didn't end to good and yes people can fire thru the floors. there is a smaller target too...if someone fires a shotgun blast up the stairs you're in trouble. would if someone comes thru the upstairs window? would if you need to get outside? if the stairs work for you I don't see a problem with it...I am actually not putting down the notion. I am just picturing my stairs in my home and shooting at the bedroom door from whatever part of the bedroom I am in seems much better and logical for me. BG can shoot thru the door, fire here and there and never come close to hitting the target. meanwhile I have an easy shot. Stairs aren't gonna work in my situation but if you are already on the stairs before this all goes down you have a better chance. I have always been a huge advocate of 'tough luck' as well if someone is in our home but your scenario does bring that up....would if the neighborhood teenage girl has snuck out to come meet your son? well I guess you will shoot as soon as someone crosses that stairwell. no, in my room like an early post mentioned is the way to go...911 called(no need to stay on phone)...perp would have to be in a blackout to be stupid enough to come thru that threshold and I can warn the perp that way too(if I decide to). I have a much better chance fortifying the room...there's only one or two ways in and a window is a way out for me and my family if necessary too
just my thoughts but I respect the stairs notion if that works in your situation
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