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My LCP has had 3 errors in about 1200 rounds. I blame only one on the gun. The other two were shooter induced (other folks). My LCP reliably fed when a severely limp wristed female friend with tiny hands shot 100 through it, dirty.

I love the LCR also. Great little revolvers. I prefer them to Smith J-frames. But the LCP fills an ultra-compact niche very few guns can, and I trust it more than its less-refined hillbilly uncle, the Kel-Tec P3AT, even if the KT was first.

For the purpose it was built, ultra-discreet carry, the LCP is a superbly executed firearm. For any other reason it's a poor excuse for a gun.

I carry my LCP with two magazines, both with pinky grip extensions, both full of 102-grain Remington Golden Sabers. It has been a trusty and lovingly maintained pocket gun for about two years now. And unlike folks with only bigger guns, I really do carry the guy every time I leave the house. My LCP and Benchmade Mini-Grip are as instinctual as my car keys and wallet. There you see that Elsie truly shines. She makes you a habitual carrier.
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