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I went through the same process a few years back and ended up getting the LCP. Basically I went with the LCP simply because of the size and ease of carry. I mean if you’re going for a pocket gun I decided to get the smaller of the two. The LCP is very light and thin and works well in more “tailored” clothing like dress pants and suits. Mine has been very reliable utilizing the Hornady Critical Defense and some Remington Golden Saber.

Now, as for full disclosure about nine months ago I went and bought a S&W 442 because I wanted a little more power that the .38 +P provides. I find the revolver conceals fairly well and works in most cases just fine especially for quick trips to the grocery store or things like that. It does tend to fill the pocket and is noticeable heavier than the LCP, but not really a big deal.

At the end of the day the LCP is still much easier to conceal and will go a lot of places other guns simply cannot. Both are pretty accurate in the range and for the purpose that they were designed. So, it may depend a lot of which gun will be easier to conceal in your situation.
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