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Nine the ranger.... No. There is plenty of good quality brass cased ammo available for the mosin nagant. I have hundreds of bulgarian surplus thats brass cased but corrosive. PPU, Wolf Gold, S&B, and now Hornady make brass cased boxer primed ammo thats non corrosive and reloadable.

I have a 3-44 Remington made 1903 springfield that I put in a extremely nice birds eye maple stock. Drilled and tapped the reciever and mounted a one piece leupold base and topped it off with a Burris FFII scope. With my handloads its capable of sub-moa accuracy. I paid $100 for the rifle.

I have 3 mosin nagant's. One 91/30 made in 1929 with a hex reciever. Despite what some people say about the crudness of manufacture I dont see that on mosin's made pre or post wartime. I like shooting pumpkins with this rifle and my surplus 182gr bulgarian ammo because they literally explode when hit. Its a 3-4'' shooter @100yrds in a rest. I paid 69.99+tax and transfer.

I have a 91/59 thats well made with good rifling but dark bore. It has a beautiful laminated stock on it. It does have some chatter marks on it here and there because it was first built in 1942. Still a good shooter comperable to the 91/30 I own. That rifle cost me $169.00+tax.

The last one is a Hungarian M-44 made in 1953 and it is far and away the nicest mosin nagant Ive seen in person. Beautiful wood, nice bluing. All numbers match and the bore is pristine. I shot a huge doe several years back with it at a distance of just over 200yrds. I was using S&B 174gr. ammo that was loaded factory with sierra bullets. Even though they were match bullets I was astounded at the damage the bullet did. This rifle is also well made with no machining marks. I traded a AMT backup .380 for this rifle.

Point is there are very good examples of surplus rifles out there in various types of condition. Just because its a surplus rifle doesent mean its crappy made or shot out. Keep a keen eye out and you would be amazed at what you can find for not very much and in the case of my 1903 you can turn it into a supreme shooter for not very much at all.
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