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Originally Posted by dacaur View Post
I have been thinking about post this for a few days.....

If you bought and shot the rounds, then go ahead and scrap them.

But, if these are shot by others, and someone else would have gatherd them up if you had not, then taking them to the scrapyard would be wrong. Its better to let someone else use them if you arent going to.

Just my .02

This is a good analysis of the problem in my mind. It's a variation of the problems of the Commons, i.e. no one and everyone owns the chestnuts in the village commons. If you spend the effort to pick up a bucket of nuts your labor makes them yours, and I cannot take them from your front doorstep just because "the chestnuts belong to everyone." But if you hoard the chestnuts needlessly, denying the rest of the village what were once common property that now goes to waste, then the whole village suffers.

Now, I can't say if the OP is talking about his own brass or range brass. Doesn't matter; he knows that detail. I think it's pick up, though, reading it again.

But I do think there is merit in dacaur's thinking.

So, as an alternative to the labor issue in the original post, can you sell the 9mm and .40 without the cleanup, and expect the purchaser to do it themselves? Or is it just not a viable product? I see from the comments that other calibers are reasonable to clean and sell at a margin that's not a loss.


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