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Hello, firsttimer! I enjoyed working up loads for my 25-06 Remington Sendero probably more than any other rifle I've loaded for. Possibly because it seemed to shoot all loads pretty good and it responded to load tweaking better than any other rifle I've ever loaded for. I shoot Hornady's 87 gr. SP for varmints and have loads worked up for 100 and 117 grain Hornady's should I ever hunt deer again. Some 25-06's are reported to show a definite preference for either light bullets or heavy ones and don't shoot both equally well. Probably the favorite 25-06 bullet, at least what I've read, is the Nosler 100 gr. Ballistic Tip. Seems everybody has great success loading them and they are a good deer hunting bullet. For elk I'd want the best premium bullet I could get, possibly Nosler Partition or one of the new bonded bullets???
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