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For what it's worth, the press you ordered is a good one. You very likely got the best choice you could have made.

A turret press can be used as a single stage until you learn the ropes loading in batches and then you can switch over to continuous mode (which the Classic Turret is ideally suited for) for its greater speed (if you want)

Progressives are faster, but more complex and more expensive. Not suited to every loader's temperament. If you don't need in excess of 200 rounds per hour, a single stage (around 50 rounds per hour) or turret (up to 150, maybe 200 rounds per hour) will do you fine.

The ABC's of Reloading will tell you the steps involved in loading. All loading manuals have, in their early chapters, descriptions of the process. Each has a different writing style and areas of emphasis, so reading several is worthwhile.

Here are some threads to read until you get your manual(s)

Go get a large mug of whatever you sip when you read and think and visit these sites.

For the New Reloader: Thinking about Reloading; Equipment Basics -- READ THIS FIRST

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Just bought my first press. Needs some info tho.

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Budget Beginning Bench you will never outgrow, for the novice handloader.

Thoughts on The Lee Classic Turret Press

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Newby needs help.

I hope you enjoy the reading. Thanks for asking our advice.

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