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I was at the JM browning in Ogden UT this summer. I was always confused about Brownings made in US vs overseas. The curator, a browning enthusiast and resident of Ogden where JM Browning is buried, cleared a lot of that up
for me. The short version is that JM browning was the inventor of many very fine weapons but not much of a manufacturer. He sold many of his designs to Winchester and Colt. Browning did make some very early single- shot shot guns in Ogden in the late 1800's. Anyway he then moved to Belgium and spent a lot of his time at FN. He actually died at his desk at FN in Belgium. So the Browning firearms made in USA or wherever is sort of a misnomer. The Company does exist of course but has always..or almost always..since JM Brownings days been mostly an importer of his designs. This is a very crude bio of the company as I remember from my conversation with the curator. So I am sure some of this is not quite right..but the conversation I had with the aged curator is exactly as it was told to me.
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