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The only reason that comes to my mind when I think about it:

Why would I buy a "new" python for probably $1800+ that would most likely be as crappy as the other sluff they put out (and put their name on) now, when I can go to the gunshow that comes around every three months and buy one of the 95%+ "old" pythons (ya know, the ones that are completely unmatched by any other DA .357 in the world) that are laying on about every fourth table for $1100-$1400? I wouldn't wiz in a tin cup for one of their "new" SAAs. I'd just buy a US firearms and be miles ahead for less.

My buddy picked up a stainless 6" python last year, 90% or better finish practically unfired with the original box and continents and really nice "blonde" wood grips for $1200 and change. and his Brother got a 100% 8" anaconda the year before that for most likely hundreds less than a "new" one would go for if they every produced such a thing.

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