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Exposed to is not the same as Exposed by.

Engaging with a bad guy is not the question. The question is, what if SHTF and a companion, whether spouse or child or neighbor's kid, who knows you carry screams for you to 'Shoot him!' in a SHTF moment. You are now potentially a target.

Can your companions keep quiet is the question. Have you thought it through? If you're in a restaurant and there is a holdup, if a BG is walking towards your table will someone at your table say 'Daddy, shoot him!'? Now you're screwed.

Food for thought. The question never occurred to me before today and I am asking if others have pondered the same question, and to what conclusion they have come.

Not trying to be a jerk, this is a serious question. Training and self-discipline doesn't rub off on family and friends.
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