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I can't really say what holster you should have. I do think paddle holsters are a specific use holster.

If you want a paddle holster so you can take the gun out and secure it, I would suggest you get more comfortable securing your gun out of the holster. I find for entering a posted no CCW place that leaving my holster on and securing the firearm is best for carrying, best for unholstering, best for securing(holsters can be big), and best for reapplying the gun to my body.

By this, I mean I wear my holster empty into posted non-CCW places. Leather is legal, as far as I know.

Also, a first holster should almost always be an OWB pancake style. I like this holster for it's high ride concealment, ease of draw, weight distribution, etc. To me, this is the best CCW holster design. With a decent cover, it is the easiest to carry.

Paddle type is about the worst for carry. Paddle's are usually thick, let the grip flop, and are not the best for supporting the weight. Stiil, I own 2 for CCW without a belt or for when the holster absolutly needs to come off.
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