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Marlin 336a 30/30 advice

I really wish that i had read in to this before i upgraded my sights. I have an old old 336a that was handed down form my grampa, and I had an unfortunate snag on an old case that bent the old leaf sight. I figured that it couldnt be too hard to fix with some new fiber optic sights right? As i said earlier i wish i had done some homework and visited this forum first. After reading some other post i instantly realized my mistakes, and did follow some common sense. I did support the rifle on some scrap blocks that i had laying around. The first mistake that I realized that i had made was that I beat the front sight post out the wrong way and to make it worse i beat the new one in the wrong way also. Call it the curse of ignorance i guess. To get to the point it looks like the sights line up perfectly but I went to the range this past Saturday and couldnt hit paper at 100 yards. I could see my impacts that seemed to be behind the target , but i was wrong out of 30 rounds none hit. Is there a way to get a good alignment on them? Im lost and i love this gun and hate to think that i would set it aside because i cant shoot accurately with it anymore. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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