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Alright, be nice. My perceptions of various flaws in the HD situations above:

How much time are we talking about from the recognition of the threat and reaction to the threat? Perimeter alarm system? Mark 1 hearing unit? Dogs barking then silence?

In my house, if someone breaks down the front door, with death for us on his mind, I have less than a few seconds to react. "I'd meet them at the front door" works only if they send you an invitation or rings the front door bell. "Hellooo, I'm here to kill you. Please let me in"

As far as the BGs shooting through the ceiling to get you...really? What type of HD scenario are we talking about here? TEOTWAWKI? The BGs would have to know the floorplan of your upstairs unless they brought lots of ammo. If this is the case, I think your stuff is in big trouble anyway. Heck, shoot down through the floor and get some.

Laying down on the floor at the top of the stairs and having a steady rest? How many seconds have elapsed for you to become alert, assesed the threat, arm your self and set up your kill zone? Using the above scenario, I'd bet there'd be some cover fire laid down soon as the BGs advanced on you if they were serious. I have a stairwell that goes up 8 steps then a landing then 8 more up. There is a point where the BG could shoot over and nail me laying there.

The more I've read, the more I think this is more like a Hollywood scenario than more common HD scenarios in the real world for the most part.

I apologize since I've probably offended all of you but I raise,IHMO, valid points. It's easy to get the mindset that "I've got it all covered" but do we really?


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