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Took a greenhorn shooting a lil over a year ago, had several guns with me, he hated the P250 pull. He got hooked on shooting (not because of the P250) he's got an SA 1911, HK P30 and a PPQ. Now he's gotten to really like the P250 and always asks to shoot it.

For the posters (not just this thread) that flame the trigger pull as being too long or too hard I'd hate to think what would ever happen if a real SD situation occurs and you had to use any physical strength towards the aggressor. Better start hitting the weights, get that index muscle built up

Congrats on the exchange kit. I've been thinking about getting the exchange kit for SC in .357. Currently have the C .40, on the other hand winter is coming and my joints may not be able to handle that "horrible pull", better stick with my 4# sig 1911
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