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Take the old .22 RF out for some air. Most guys have one even if its been so long that they forgot where they stored it last.
I often find I've been neglecting my rimfires and one should keep in touch with all their firearms.

Air rifles are another option.

When I was all but laid up with a back injury I bought a fair low cost pneumatic air rifle and a about ten thousand Beeman-Webley wadcutters and put the 25 yards of open space in the backyard to good use.
Wasn't long before I was hitting flies on the wing like Jed clampett.

I ended up buying two CO2 handguns, restoring an old S&W 78g, and found two other pellet rifles at salvage stores along with a Daisy Red Rider.

I'm back to large bore centerfire now days, but still like to take the airguns and .22 rimfires out for a workout now and then.
I'd forgotten how much fun these were.

Heavy recoil can mess up surgery anywhere around the chest or back. Wait several months to be on the safe side, and then take it slow.
Reduced loads are another option.
If you don't handload several cartridge companies market reduced recoil loads (.308 reduced recoil is one they sell a lot of ) intended for youngsters to get them acclimated before going to full power stuff.
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