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Finally bought another AK...

Back when I built an AK from a parts kit. I was never happy with the way it turned out and ended up parting it out. Well lately I've been looking for an evac or "End of the World" type rifle. Looked at several different rifles and this afternoon I saw something I couldn't pass up. I spent all day looking with my brother. He's been looking for a rifle along the same lines as I was looking for. Mainly a defensive rifle. We went to every shop in Tampa and at the last store we found a pile of AK's- apparently they're a little scarce around here lately.

I found a lightly used underfolder. It was marked $549 and had a UTG PRO quad rail forend on it, a Krebs style mag release, a nice molded pistol grip, a Bushnell holo sight and a nice thick recoil pad. Came with 2 30 rounders and a killer soft padded case. I managed to finagle them a tad lower but I already thought I was getting a good deal so that was just icing. The underfolders go for $625-650 alone locally. I may end up mounting the sight on the quad rail and replacing the rear sight. Other than that, I like it. Might go with a different sight eventually but for now it will do.

My brother ended with a Hungarian AMD-65. So now, in the case of the ever unlikely disaster scenario my brother, brother-in-law and myself all have AK's so parts, mags and ammo are all interchangable. Could come in handy.

Here she is:

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