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Hello All!!!! First timer here!!!!!

Hello all. I'm a first timer here. Hoping to learn some stuff. Just started reloading about 5 months ago, and I love it!!!! I have a 25-06 that I have been experimenting with(70gr Sierra GK HP & 120gr Sierra GK HP). Seem to prefer the 120gr a little better has slightly less recoil than the 70gr, have some 85gr nosler that I haven't loaded yet. With the 70gr. i'm hitting consistant at 200-250yds, same with the 120gr. The 70gr I have been using for coyotes and such, the 120gr I will be using for deer and elk come Nov. Also have a .45LC wheelgun that I have reloaded about 100 wad cutters and 25 HP, both are 200gr and I can't tell the difference other than the price. Well hope to maybe learn something new. And who knows maybe make some friends. Just thought I would say hello. Later.....
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