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You are correct Articap...I meant to say wedge pin...long day and I'm really still a newbie...

I need a stock for a T/C Hawken 50 cal because the one I had being refinished and assembled from a 35 year old kit (I'm guessing) was either messed up out of the box or the fellow doing it for me messed it up...I should have checked it better myself. I could have done it but just didn't take the time. Hindsight is perfect.

Anyway, a fellow had what he called a T/C Hawken Pro 550 50 cal for sale on ebay. But it was totally disassembled and he is selling it part by guess because you can't sell an assembled gun on the e-bay.

The stock is described as black walnut and from the pictures I could not tell if it was the same size as the standard T/C Hawken stock. I was wondering if the barrel and hardware would move over from my buggered up stock.

Anyway, I bought it for 93 bucks including shipping so when it arrives I will know for myself.

It was described as being in good condition. Shouldn't be any cracks, etc... The wood is really, really dark.

What's your thoughts on black it a good stock wood? Thanks...
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