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Originally Posted by 10-96:
That's one of my big wonderments too. I went through both the Beretta and Sig Sauer LE Armorers courses with the actual factory reps. Neither one cared one way or the other which lube product was used, but both were quite vocal about using products designed and made for firearms and not products made for the automotive/marine industry. Neither one though very highly of any of the greases either.
Believe me, there are days where I truly think about buying a case of Mobil 1 0w20, 10w40, and 15w50, a couple hundred of those little 1/2 ounce needle oiler bottles from Brownells and going into business for myself with a nice little product line. I don't have names for 'em yet, but I bet I could come up with some pretty darned quick.

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