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If money is tight or you just want to get it ASAP, the ABCs is available on the Amazon Lending Library for free for Prime members. You dont even have to own a Kindle, you can download an app.

I read that manual cover to cover (except for the load data) as well as the Lee and Lyman manuals also mentioned above. Invaluable info, really. No other piece of advice you will get is more important than the suggestion tha you should absorb the contents of a good reloading manual. I am a pretty handy guy (mechanical engineer with fabricating experience) and I would not want to start over again without learning what I learned from reading several good manuals.

Another powder that you might like in addition to those listed above is Vihtavuori N320. More expensive for sure, but very clean and accurate with a nice smooth recoil. ZIP is a good powder as well. I do not stock it but have used it in both Glocks and M&Ps and really like the way it performs.

For primers, Federal is all I have ever used. I am prone to messing with hammer springs on some of my guns and prefer to use the one primer that has the best chance to go bang in any gun. Certainly you cant go wrong with any of the majors brands, just be aware that the performance of any load will vary depending on the primer type and you should be prepared to adjust accordingly if you are trying various brands.

Good luck, happy loading and BE SAFE!
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