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Some of the other posters summed it up nicely on how the BOSS works so really nothing I can add to that. I will say I have the BAR Safari in .270 and just using the recommended settings in the owners manual, can constantly put 5 rounds of Winchester 130gr Ballistic Silvertip in under 1" at 100 yards. I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't improve by messing with dialing it in but I'm very pleased with the performance so I don't bother. It is loud if you're shooting off a bench that has a roof over it but out in the woods or field, you don't even notice it. It's amazing how much it does reduce recoil and if you are sensitive to the blast, they also come with an attachment that's not ported that functions the same but the recoil and muzzle report is the same as any non-BOSS rifle. If given the choice, I will opt for the BOSS everytime as I think it's that beneficial.

As far as caliber goes for your intended purpose, the .30/06 is a fine choice but I would take a long hard look at the 7mm Remington Magnum. A little flatter shooting and with very few exceptions, harder hitting then the '06 and ammo easily available although not as many options in various weights as the '06. A little much for Pronghorns but not overkill and with some of the distances you may actually find yourself shooting at, the extra punch would be appreciated especially if it's on a large bodied Muley or an Elk.
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