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? on resizing .223

I am getting ready to adjust my sizing die to do some decapping /resizing. I am gonna use a Rock Chucker single stage press for this and I have an RCBS FL die set (11101). I have measured cartrige head space(fired cartriges from the AR I am loading for) with a Hornady Cartridge headspace gauge. The fired cartridges measure 1.4575 . I assume I want to set up the die to push the neck back .002 to .003 (this is what I read in the manuals). So this would be 1.4545? The reason I ask is that a new round measures 1.4505 in my cartridge headspace gauge. Would it be better to push the shoulder back to what a new cartrige is or just push it back a few thousands from what a fired cartridge measures? I will only use the ammo I reload in the one AR. I hope this is not too confusing. Im just getting started reloading and I'm taking baby steps
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