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Originally Posted by Pointshoot
I've come across ads in GunBroker, GunsAmerica, etc where private parties are selling guns and state that the buyers FFL must be willing to accept a gun from a private party. When I contacted some of these individuals they said that they use a local FFL to ship handguns by Priority Mail. So, if the seller is using an FFL to ship the gun - - why wouldnt a buyers FFL accept it ?
My guess would be that the seller isn't transferring the gun through an FFL, he has an FFL buddy who is willing to walk into a post office and put a box containing a handgun on the counter. I'd say it's probably a very dark grey area, but if the FFL doesn't have the gun in his possession overnight, he may believe he doesn't have to enter it into his bound book. (And that might even be correct.)

In such an instance, the package would be mailed by an FFL, but the transfer on the receiving end would be coming from a non-licensed seller.
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