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Originally Posted by Winchester 73
The point is that Colt isn't making them just because they're expensive to make. Its because of the COMBINATION of expensive to make PLUS inferior quality for the money. If a S&W is $1000 and a Colt DA is $2000, it will not be twice the quality, or even better quality at all. This goes back to something I've always said about a Python, they were never how people "remember" them today or they would not have quit making them.
Yes, they would. Colt stopped making DA revolvers because they (under previous management) essentially decided to not sell guns (other than the iconic SAA) to "civilians" (meaning non-military and non-LEO. Since the military and the cops weren't interested in DA revolvers in quantity, that's why they stopped making them. When they go back into selling guns to "the people," they had sold off or melted down the tooling for the DA revolvers so they couldn't just fire up the assembly line again.

Now that they've gone in big for CNC machining centers, it would be a lot easier to build those revolvers again. Negligible down time for setting up an "assembly line" -- just punch a Python program into a CNC machine, mount up a frame blank, and push the button.
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