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The problem is you're basing your argument on a photo of the round's performance in ballistics gel. Actual real-world shootings have shown that, when it comes to actually putting an attacker down, the advantage a .40 has is marginal at best.
I bolded the key word. Very marginal. They're all pea shooters. You need to start moving towards your full house 10mm, .357 mags, etc, before you're talking about a real increase in terminal effect. For a decisive increase? With practical weapons, we're talking a move up to long arms.

If someone thinks they're in a "different league" of terminal effect with .40S&W compared to 9mm, their understanding of the topic is very, very poor.

Just look at this photo yourself - it appears well done, with caliber, weights and velocities documented.
The puny wound channel of the 9mm is much more than a "marginal difference", the larger rounds leave nearly twice as much damage behind.
As interpreted by a non-professional using the "eyeballing it" technique. Sounds empirical.
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