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Posted by Nnobby45: I'd also make my stand at the front door, if possible, and not let them get in in the first place.
And then OldMarksman, with his years of wisdom, pointed out.
That'll work--if and only if (1) they all happen to decide to come in through the front door; (2) you know about their intentions in time to so act; and (3) they give you a legal reason to shoot them before they enter; and 4) you can somehow conduct an effective defense that way.
I very clearly said, "if possile".

LOL, Thanks for the admonition that if they came in the back door, I wouldn't be able to make my stand at the front door. I'm writing that down now, to preclude myself from forgetting and I intend to memorize it no matter how long it takes. As for their intentions, give me a break. If they're forcing their way in I have a good enough idea. Didn't say anything about shooting before they enter.

Just saying that I'd rather not let home invaders get in the house in the first place. If they are already in, I'm not letting them up the stairs. If they are upstairs, I'd lock myself in my bedroom and guard the door.

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