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I have 3 1911's in 9mm....and a 1911 in a 9mm makes a great gun !

1. Wilson Combat 5", Protector model ( about a $3K gun) and its one of the finest guns in my safe.../ they make a number of other models, most of them are available in 9mm ...CQB 5" is a little cheaper than the Protector model...
This Wilson - is the primary gun I practice with / my reloads run 100% in it ...the only issue I've ever had with it ( its over 40,000 rds now at 6 yrs old ) is I broke an extractor recently ...and Wilson took care of it 100% as a warranty item. I do replace springs about every 5,000 rds ...but that's no big deal.

2. Kimber Tactical Pro II model, alloy frame, 4" ...I did a complete trigger job on it ( it wasn't very good out of the factory ) ...but its a very nice gun today../ replaced everthing with Wilson parts....gun runs very well now. I think they sell new for around $ 1,000...not sure.../ mine is about 10 yrs old now.

3. a Les Baer Monolith 5" gun ( about $ 2,500 ) and its a decent gun and finish on it is not great / Baer's blued flats on a gun are very soft. Bought it new - its about 9 yrs old now.

You can buy lots of guns in 9mm - way cheaper / but not better than a good 1911 in 9mm, in my view.

Springfield - is also making a pretty nice gun in 9mm...
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