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I've only fired one Enfield, a jungle carbine. Nobody liked shooting it in my group, and I thought the sights were poor. However it had pretty good accuracy, given the fact that we call kind of pointed it at the target and pulled the trigger to get it over with. It grouped nearly as well as the M1 rifle I was shooting, but not as well as the Krag that was being fired though...

Prices vary depending on condition and collectibility of course. All the milsurps used to be cheap. Some ridiculously so.

The Arisakas are not bad rifles. The 'last ditch' rifles seem to taint the impression people have of them. Very interesting, and extremely strong actions. The ammo isn't very common though.

Want something unusual? Find a USGI Mosin-Nagant 1891. Yes, they exist, US cartouched and everything. US troops carried them in the northern Russian expedition. Some were even sold through the DCM after their service life was over. US troops didn't favor them very much, they preferred the 1903s

I don't think you could go wrong with say, a K31

The ubiquitous and fairly reasonably priced 1903A3s are seemingly dried up, but they have the advantage of readily found ammunition
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