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I would be concerned with plugging up the gas port with bits of lead...a condition that would end up being quite difficult to later clean or correct.
I have the same thoughts but the lead shooters don't seem to have problems. I have shot my share of lead in bolts and single shot rifles. Never built up the nerve to try lead in a Garand or M1A or AR/M4. But others do it. The sub-sonic boys are working hard with lead in the 300 AAC Blackout and aren't being bothered with gas block or tube problems (at least none are reporting any). They say it is like hitting with a brick
Not a problem at all at least in my Carbines. I've shot literally thousands and thousands of cast bullet rounds thru my carbines with only the occasional barrel and receiver cleaning. Have yet to remove the gas plug and clean the gas chamber or piston. And NO I do not use gas checked bullets.

I tried loading up some cast slugs for my carbine. I ran about 100 through it and the accuracy was not good. Paper plates at 50 yards were dead but that was about as good as it got. Back to Hornady 110's.
Want a good plinking and fairly accurate load using cast lead bullets for the U.S. Carbine? Cast 100 grain bullets using the Lee mold #90301, its a flat base with a #2 round nose. I load mine with 12 1/2 grains of 4227 powder, works for me and No leading.

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