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A manual has been stated so I will just concur the suggestion for the Lyman manual. If it is just for pistol loads I would suggest the Lyman Pistol and Revolver 3rd. Great info in the first part, and heavily geared for hand gun loading.

If you do not have on get a dial caliper. For 9mm I would not load it without one. Seating too deep in a high pressure low volume case is very bad.

Ok now for the fun stuff kinda.

For bullets to plink with Berry's work well, and can be found easily. I buy mine off the shelf at Cabella's. They have always worked for what I use them for. I load for a G26.

Cases are range pick up
Bullets are Berry's 124 HP
Powder I use TiteGroup or Bull's Eye. Though I on use the latter when I am out of the first while waiting for funds to buy the other. There are quite a few others that work as well. Pick one, most can be used for other calibers if you decide to load for those as well.
Primers pick one, and work up loads. If you change primers rework the load back up to be safe.
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