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I buy them for the history and the collection, not for shooting. When using the right ammunition-i.e. that they were designed for, and with a decent bore
they can be pretty accurate and they can benefit from careful adjustment of the screws, checking the bedding, etc. Some-the Lee Enfields, e.g.-have wide variations on bore size, careful measurement and slugging of the bore and matching the bullet to the bore can produce good accuracy. It's a good idea to remember the design philosophies of the various nations that adopted and produced them. The Mosin Nagant seens crude, but it was meant to be used by a mostly illiterate peasant army. It has been said of WWI that the Germans had the best hunting rifle, the British the best battle rifle, the US the best target rifle. French rifles have no safeties because the French felt they gave a false sense of security and the best safety was proper handling.
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