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It all depends on your lifestyle, where you live and go, and what you like to do. Like to hunt big game with a handgun ? Like to spend time outdoors in grizzly country at times ? Or maybe on a river fishing up in Alaska ? There are handguns that it would be nice to carry for those situations. Spend lots of time in a big city ? Need a defensive firearm 'just in case' but must go as light, compact, and discrete as possible ? There are handguns that fill these needs too. Just want to have a little fun and build skills with a s.a. or d.a. revolver - - you can find a nice .22 that'll help there, and that can also be used for small game hunting. I've had a use and a purpose for every firearm I've purchased. I take my time when I purchase and try to get quality. Sometimes my personal circumstances and interests have later changed, but with most of the few that I've gotten rid of - - I've later regretted it when thinking "That X I had would have been perfect for this situation. I wish I hadnt sold/traded it." There may be a time many years ahead when age & physical limitations cause me to slowly sell what I've built up over the years. But, that's a long way off yet. On the other hand, I have firearms that take care of my requirements. So, I add to the 'collection' (such as it is) slowly now. I get enjoyment out of taking out a piece that I haven't used in awhile and rediscovering what I liked about it by shooting and/or hunting with it.
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