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Probably gonna get a flame job for this comment but my first 1911 was a Taurus PT 1911 which I got for around $650, last year bought a really nice Kimber. I have probably 5000 or so rounds through the Taurus and less than half that through the Kimber. The Taurus has been totally reliable as has the Kimber although the Kimber was a bit finicky about what it ate for the first 100 rounds or so where the Taurus has always shot whatever fits in the magazine. Both shoot a lot more accurately than I can, the Kimber has the better fit and finish and much higher price tag that reflected that fir and finish.

I can't speak for the CS since I never have had a problem with either pistol and those are the only 1911's I have ever owned. I had both at the range this afternoon and both went bang and the shots went pretty much where I aimed. When they did not it was the indian's fault not the arrows.

Myself I say buy the best your wallet can stand but in the long run unless you are planning on getting a gun for competing in Bullseye competition and plan on going to the Nationals about any name brand will do you just fine.
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