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Be Gentle; New Cartridge Selection

Given the current uncertain political climate, and my renewed interest in the sport of shooting, coupled with my appreciation for the superb engineering that goes into mostof today's, and yesterdays firearms, I decided it's time to purchase a carry weapon.

I'm gunless now- past inventory included Mossberg 500A, SW M&P in .40 cal, and a GP100.

My question(s) center around the fact that I'm looking for a round that offers the best penetration through barriers. Auto glass, steel, etc.
I'd also prefer a platform that offers a high cap. magazine. Basically, if I needed to defend myself or family against a bad guy, I wouldn't want to be at any kind of avoidable disadvantage. I read Ayoob's books may years ago, but have forgotten most of the valuable information.

I want a full size pistol, not interested in subcompacts.

I'm all over the place with my cartridge selection. I like the .45ACP, and the 1911, but the high cap. isn't there (that I'm aware of).
I enjoyed the performance of the GP100, and would like similar ballistics in an auto platform. I'm wondering how a 9mm +p would stack up against the .357 as far as penetration; wondering if it's worth the money...Yes, I've looked at countless reports, tests, etc. Just want some real world input.

Realize this post was off the wall, any info provided will be considered and much appreciated. Thanks.
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