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9mm case weight variance?

Okay - after 40 years of reloading I got stupid. I got tired of changing tool heads on my dillon and bought a Lee Pre 1000. (It has been sold after this fiasco.) I know there are a lot of successful Lee proponents out there so this is not about the reloader.

I loaded up about 500 9mm with 115gr winchester HP. I used 5.1 gr Winchester 231. I occasionally checked cases for powder and never saw an uncharged case.

I loaded up a couple mags and 3rd shot- pfft - bullet lodged in barrel. I put the whole batch aside. I started weighing the loaded rounds to see if I could determine which would be suspect and I am finding more than 5 grain variance on MANY cases. My next step was to sort cases by head stamp. The majority are older OF military and the weights are all over (within 4-8 grains.)

Look for thoughts - I really don't want to hammer out 500 bullets - but it's looking like the only answer. Any other thoughts ?

Oh yeah, hearing loss and carpal tunnel - Can't hear or feel powder shaking. Maybe a job for a grandchild???
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