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The very first thing to purchase is at least 2 reloading manuals, ABC's of Reloading, Lyman Casting and Reloading 49th edition , Hornady's #8,ect..., also bookmark some of the powder mfg website for loading info using their powders.

For the 9mm
Power Pistol or HP-38 for powders
Nosler JHP or Hornady XTP in 125gr for Jacketed bullets
Berry's or Rainier 124/125 FP or HP for plated Bullets(a bit cheaper than jacketed). There is Montana Gold or Extreme bullets also as a comparison to Berry's and Rainiers but they require a 3000ish bullet order, for starting out I feel it's better to stay with smaller amounts so you can try a few different types/weight before jumping in on a big box.
CCI small pistol primers

That should get you started, there is hundreds of choices in all components so there isn't really any "basics"

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