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Thanks all. I did take that used partner. Got a bunch for the $200 bucks. But to be honest it was all just tossed in a bag and some of it in in rough shape. Although the press seems just fine. Looks like a dog chewed on a handle or 2 of the molds. ( which I will not be using) The dies were all on the bottom of the bag with the cases that they belonged in on top of them. Had to wire wheel most of them. Haven't even looked to close to see what was there. A few hundred rounds of ammo . Everything from .22, 30 cal, 223, 308 ,30-06 even found a 450 marlin. 50-60 rounds of 45 cal bullets. Also about $80. just in Winchester large rifle primers and large pistol. After I got home and looked through it there were 6 partially used 1lb powders. Then I thought if he took such care of everything how good can the powder be? Probably won't use it.
To my friends house I went and together we made 5 different loads (6 rds ea) for the 270 with 5 different powders. Can't wait to shoot them and see how they group. I'll probably hang around and lurk and learn a bit.
Thanks again.
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