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I busted up a scope pretty good with 300 gr. Barnes loads out of my Redhawk about 25 years ago. Scopes then weren't too good with recoil, unless they were Burris or Leupold, especially Burris. Replaced the scope with a Burris 2X and scrapped the 300 gr idea. Eventually settled on Elmer Keith's load of 22 gr of 2400 atop his 250 gr LSWC (429421) for somewhere close to 1400 fps. That would probably be the gun and load I'd have with me, in all seriousness, if I found myself in the unenviable position that's the subject of all those big bear threads. It's still my favorite load for the .44 Magnum, supremely accurate in my personal gun, and I still have some left from several years ago. Reminds me, it's been years since I shot that gun. Maybe it's time.
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