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1911 9mm:
1. STI Trojan (approx $1000).
2. Kimber Target Custom II.
3. Springfield Armory Loaded
4. STI Spartan V

I have a Kimber Target and STI Trojan.
Both are accurate.
When I bought my Kimber, I picked it over a Springfield because most springfield 9mm loaded I held at the stores rattled.
I got the STI trojan approx 2 years ago. Slide/Frame fit is slightly tighter than the Kimber. Did not like the feel of the plastic trigger but it is OK. It is currently setup for my GF with thin grips and short trigger. It shoots smoother than the kimber.

Kimber had extraction issues at start (fixed by adding tension on extractor and reshaping the hook - easy DIY).

If Iam to get one now,
1st. Springfield Armory Loaded - provided that slide/frame fit and slide/barrel fit are tight because the grip safety feels better to me than Kimber or STI.
2nd. Kimber.
3rd. STI Spartan V - If fit is good, then it is good --- less expensive than the rest. No ramp use to scare me but friend's pistol seemed OK. He later replaced it with a Dan Wesson 1911 9mm --- PM9? A little too expensive for me.
4th. STI Trojan (approx $1000).

Also, I would buy a STI Trojan unseen but I would not buy the others unseen.
My Kimber now has a Wilson Combat sear, hammer and trigger. The stock firing pin stop broke and have been replaced with EGW.

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