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As a family, we not only do this with brass but with other "disposable" items that can be reused over and over again... water bottles, plastic and heavy styrofoam drink cups from fast food places, sheets of aluminum foil, plastic cutlery, etc. Why throw away (or recycle) stuff that can simply be run through the dishwasher and be as good as new?
Those are the exact values my parents drilled into us back before I can even remember. And thank God they did. It relates to self-sufficiency. It's a lot easier for a person to reuse something themselves than recycle it. Most folks send their crap away for recycling.

There are many folks that believe society will care for them from cradle to grave, and will care for their crap they throw out too. Just fan out a few bucks, and someone else will take care of it. They also think you'll always without exception be able to depend on Walmart for ammo to shoot, and meat grows in Styrofoam trays at the grocery store. Darwin's law may apply to them eventually.

As ironic as it is, I really relate to rich Italian and Portuguese immigrants that move into my area. They raise their own backyard chickens, grow their own wine grapes, have huge vegetable gardens, and do everything from making their own sausage, dry cured salami, to reloading ammo. And being worth multiple millions, they don't have to spend their time doing it, but they do anyway. They would never throw a plastic container in the garbage. There's a value lesson to be learned here folks. We North Americans (Canadians and Americans) are so wasteful, the rest of the world often reels in disgust.
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