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Fishing_Cabin - - thank you for your reply. That makes sense.

If I may ask,- in the case of a private out-of-state seller going through an FFL to ship a handgun to a buyer, - - - does the receiving FFL record the name/address of the private seller somewhere in his paperwork ? I always wondered how 'ownership' was handled when a private sale gun is shipped between FFL holders for their customers.

Related to the OPs questions - - are guns as a matter of routine, run through some kind of 'stolen gun' data base by FFLs as they make transfers ? (Likely not, I suppose - given that the pawn shop owner made his accusations about ownership of the Kimber without any evidence of it appearing on any lists. It would be worth the extra costs of shipping through FFLs for the added reassurance of knowing it wasn't reported stolen, if they did check.)

Thanks again.
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