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Did it take 45-60 rounds fired by 3-5 officers to place 5-6 hits?

Sorry, but it seems that the typical LEA shooting with a high-cap pistol ends up with some seriously poor shot-to-hit ratios.
The Glock 37 isn't what I'd call a high-cap pistol.

I suspect that most (if not the majority) of cops carrying .45s in .45 a.c.p. carry the Glock 21, which has a 13-round mag. The 37 has only 10. Relatively few LEOs carry a 1911.

I also suspect the poor shot-to-hit ratios have more to do with minimal practice than the caliber used... That said, I think most of us, in real life-threatening situations, might not have a lot better shot-to-hit ratio than many cops. It's always easier at the range or in competition, than when they're shooting back at you, or you think they're about to do so...


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